Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The sweetest 6 month old...

Happy 6 Month birthday, Sweet Pea. Mama loves you more and more with every day.  For your 6 month birthday we got you a puppy! Ok well that isn't really how it started out, but alas that is how it came to be. It was nice this evening to feel a feeling that  haven't felt in some time...I was excited to come home from what I was doing to see our little pup. I haven't felt that giddy and child like about anything in so, so long.
 There was an awful, eerie feeling today that I just couldn't shake. A feeling that we would get a call from the vet telling us that she didn't make it through her surgery and then we would just have all of her stuff in the house just waiting for her. *sigh* I suppose I wouldn't have even had that thought in my previous life. But now I have become so protective of my excitement and joy. I'm just not sure what the price will be for that joy.
The price was so unfairly high for the joy of you, but I would gladly pay it over and over again to have had the chance to love you at all. And love you I do! I hope you can feel extra special warmth and love for you today on this special day of yours (which you half share with your Papa!...it is his birthday today).
I can't help but wonder how you would be growing at 6 months, what new adventures you'd be learning, who you would be looking like these days, and oh how I wonder about that giggle; that sweet, sweet giggle. I wish we were going to get 6 month photos taken, and I wonder what adorable outfit you'd be sporting for them?  I wonder what your favorite baby food would be...sweet potatoes like your cousin , Becca or maybe some peas?!  I wonder if you would crinkle your perfect button nose as your new puppy dog kissed you like crazy!
 I will always wonder, sweet Sof, always wonder who you would be...who you are now. But I know that answer already...you are an angel. A perfect, beautiful, little angel full of love and light. The most advanced 6 month old I know! I love you sweet pea, Happy 6 months...maybe tonight I will hear that giggle. ♥♥


  1. Happy birthday sweet girl! May this puppy bring your family so much joy and cuddles!

  2. Love you, Lori, and your Sweet Pea. Happy half birthday sweet baby girl!

  3. Happy Birthday! 8i8