Saturday, July 27, 2013

The Next Chapter...

I found my way back to these pages for the first time in, well a long time. I am humbled that so many have continued to read these entries. 
For those who have subscribed or who also find themselves among these words, I wanted to continue to be open and share a very special project with all of you. 

The past two and a half years have been a long, unexpected journey. A journey filled with heartache...filled with love. The support of all of you through that time and my ever growing love for Sofia, pulled me through the darkest of times. With her inspiration, she helped me to share our story. My goal is offer hope and to continue to spread the love that she ignited. 
With that...please gently regard..."With Just One Push: A New Mother's Journey of Love, Loss, and Survival" will be available for purchase this fall. May she continue to offer strength, comfort, hope, and most importantly love, to all who learn of her.♥ 

Baby girl, I hope this became what you wanted it to become. I hope that you are proud, feel celebrated, and continue to revel in the amazing gifts that you have left with us all.