Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dear God (and Sofie)

I fully recognize that many things I have said, done and/or thought in my new life can come across as odd or raise question, sometimes I hear myself and! But it is all a part of my new perspective on life...and death. See, my relationship with God has definitely been healing...there are still moments that I doubt or get angry, but overall, I would say we are definitely back on speaking(and listening) terms. But I do have to acknowledge that my praying style is now very different. I have always felt connected to the tradition of structured prayer, but most often found myself just sort of conversing with God. Today those conversations are always addressed to God and Sofie. Many days, I find myself talking to Sofie much more than I talk to God...I believe He understands.
I talk to Sofie throughout my day, I cry to her, ask her for inspiration and guidance, and just talk to her about well, everything.
Last night, my niece was injured...she was in the ER at the hospital where I work, which she refers to as "Sofie's Hospital"...*sigh* On exam  she was told that she not only needed stitches, but needed to go to the OR to have a surgeon do the repair, this meant she was going to be given medication to send her into a slumber for the procedure. While it was great to know that she wouldn't have to suffer the pain of stitches in a very sensitive was heartbreaking to witness her sheer terror. I watched her grab my hands and press them up against her clenched eyelids as tight as possible, with just enough room for sobbing tears to flow through..this reminded me of my own reaction in the delivery room when we first heard the words "brain damage". My heart ached for her, that I couldn't take away her fear or anxiety...once again I felt completely helpless. As we found ourselves alone in the exam room for a few minutes, she told me that she was so afraid to be "put to sleep" because she feared she would never wake up. I tried to comfort her, told her that just maybe she'd dream of Sofie and then she and I decided to pray to Sofie. We began Dear God and Sofie...we asked God and Sofie to give her strength, we asked Sofie to stay with her through her procedure so that she would feel safe, we asked Sofie to help her feel brave and to trust the doctors who were going to take very good care of her. For those few minutes, Becca seemed more calm, she seemed to breathe deeper with each word to sweet Sof. When I stepped away from that moment, I was so sad. It breaks my heart that Sofie isn't here and is only "available" to my niece through prayer and conversation. But it also filled my heart to know that my niece did find comfort in being able to not only pray to God for strength but also to Sofie; a baby girl that she does have a real relationship with, even though it is so different than it should have been. Today my sister told me that Becca asked her if she had stayed with her through her surgery in the OR. When my sister told her that she had not been not allowed, Becca didn't believe her. Becca said that she could feel someone holding her hand the entire time. Becca then replied, that it must have been Sofie.  I believe that it was.
I talk to Sofie endlessly. Her love; the love that she has inspired in me and the hope and meaning that I find in her, has led me back to a healing relationship with God.
God, thank you for the Gift of Sofie. Please keep her in your love and light. Surround her with pure joy and take good care of her for me, until I get there.
Sofie, I love you baby girl. Thank you for being with Becca and helping her to find peace and strength. Thank you for being such an active part of my every day. Please continue to inspire me baby girl. Help me to continue to spread the love that you have beautifully ignited. You are my whole heart. I love being your mama.
 Dear Sofie, maybe tonight I could feel your tiny hand in mine as I sleep, just in case I'll keep it open. ♥♥


  1. <3 you, Lori. She is always holding your hand.

  2. Oh Lori, she surrounds you every single day. I see her as the most beautiful spirit, a saint that surrounds you eternally in the most beautiful white light. We can barely even imagine it, it is more beautiful than we can comprehend. I imagine her in this way, just as I imagine Reese in this way. Love to you.

  3. Lori,

    I truly believe that Sofia was holding her hand the whole time. Jimmy told me that Jesus told him he was going to be be ok before both his surgeries. Sofia was telling Becca she was going to be ok.

  4. Lori, this is beautiful and heartwarming. My prayers for you, Sofie and Becca. Kathy M.